Saturday, February 8, 2014

Five reasons to know Tajikistan

In my modest experience of living and studying in the US and Europe, I met countless number of people, who did not have a clue on the existence of the country named Tajikistan. They even hardly could pronounce it. But no hard feelings on the latter. My son, who turned seven, just after two years of living in the US, could hardly pronounce it too. Hilariously modifying it into ‘Jackistan’ in his first attempts. Agree, this is not an easy part.

I should admit that indeed there are very few reasons for the world to know this country. But those who know, from my personal observations, are those who strive to learn more. They look at the rest of the world admitting that the world is diverse. 

This what I was thinking of while reading some tweets on Olympics in the morning. They were not pleasant to read, basically saying one thing: We don’t know you, Tajikistan! 

I decided to give a try and write 5 reasons for those who never heard of this country. Very few, just five, so it is not hard to remember.

Reason #1: Mountains
Gorgeous mountains cover 93% of the total area of the country. Proportionally, this is even more than famous Switzerland (70%). The highest ‘Peak Kommunizma’ is 7495 meters or 24590 ft high. This is a bit less than the world's highest Everest, but definitely higher than the popular Alps.
Reason #2: Lakes
Breathtaking view of lakes with pure water are definitely one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. 

Sarez Lake (Source:

Marguzor Lake (Source:

Reason #3: The Flagpole
The flagpole in the capital Dushanbe is the tallest free-standing flagpole in the world at the height of 165 meters (525 ft). And constructed by an American company, by the way.


Reason #4: Beautiful ladies
If you wanna meet one of the most beautiful girls in the world, visit Tajikistan. To me Tajik girls remain the most beautiful in the Central Asia. Meet Nilufar Sherzod, Miss United Nations from Tajikistan in 2010.

Reason #5: She has been there
If Hillary found time to visit Tajikistan, you can do it too. Start with a virtual tour here

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